It seems every wheel i like is matte black , i kinda had it in my mind i wanted gloss black not sure wich one to go with just looking for sum suggestions or pics . On the opposite end of the spectrum are … i wanted to go with matte but i might be putting on some tail tint as well, i think itll look kinda weird with gloss black tail tint and a matte blackout, or am i wrong?? Matte finishes are being marketed by a few brands and are certainly sought-after by riders. Details come out crisp, and the tones are much more likely to match what you see on your monitor’s preview. 25 Posts . Hey guys, just a quick question for any Iron owners out there, or any one else that wants to chime in for that matter. Re: matte black or gloss black. ''); I'm planning on getting a new gloss black kawasaki ninja, i'm wearing a non-leather black abrasion resistant jacket, I'm wondering what Yahoo! border: none !important; When we paint a matte or flat bike, our finishing process takes a couple steps. This is my experience from racing enduros for many years. Joined Apr 17, 2014 Messages 37 Reaction score 1 Points 8 Location Brisbane Members Ride VY 2003 & VE SII SS MY12 I have a set of gloss black & the only day they look gloss is the day i wash the car! The two hexadecimal codes that we think come close to a matte black effect are #141414 and #1B1B1B. gloss black . Gloss gives a similar sheen to your paint for some added continuity. } Nov 11, 2016 #2 Matte. Just as learning to take a photo is an art, so too is printing. Rep. 10. I personally like the Matte Black look better but I am just wondering will things like cleaning a Matte helmet be harder than a Gloss … Appreciate 0 Tweet. What the two colors look like side by side. Would love to hear your opinion, thanks. matte black or gloss black. Appreciate 0 Tweet. I am really considering going with the 3M matte black vinyl wrap on my DC PreRunner.