characters, and the distinctive likeness thereof, are either ® or ™, and/or © Games Even women, who typically were not involved in war, were responsible for growing food supplies and working in artillery factories. Please e-mail me with any inquiries/issues regarding the website at! As soon as they joined the war the U.S. Treasury sold a great deal of bonds to citizens, which Britain and France used to fund their purchases of raw materials and weapons. A perhaps more subtle way in which wars seem to improve the economy is through the stock market; journalist Larry Kudlow has expressed his opinions that “the shock therapy of decisive war will elevate the stock market by a couple-thousand points.”9 Kudlow blamed the “slumping” stock market on the “big drop in the American spirit” caused by the “gnawing fear that Osama bin Laden and his evil followers have survived, regrouped, and are getting ready to hit us [United States] again.” Kudlow’s stance might be a tad overly patriotic and optimistic, but the idea that the confidence resulting from military victory causes a boost to the stock market seems to carry an element of truth. World War I was fought on battlefields throughout Europe between 1914 and 1918.It involved human slaughter on a previously unprecedented scale—and its consequences were enormous. Frédéric Bastiat’s Parable of the Broken Window argues that “destruction is not profit”14. In ‘total war’, a term not coined until the 1930s by German general Erich Ludendorff, the entire nation was called into the service of warfare, rather than just its military. Early game, Ottoman Empire, late game, potential for Republic of Turkey. But I want a Victorian era game first. I believe that the benefiters would choose to save or invest their money and their Marginal Propensity to Consume isn’t high enough to have a significant impact on the rest of the economy. Then you could enhance the the trench network so long as you stay in that location, and it becomes deteriorated if there is no units stationed there, and stuff like that. The Centre for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) has conducted a model simulating the economic impacts of higher military spending, and it projected that “in the first five years, the annual inflation rate would be on average 0.3 percentage points higher in the scenario with higher military spending. Andrew Tan: Head of Technology and Website Development. The biggest reason why people don't want WW1 as a TW game is rather simple, a reason I forgot to include. In 2010, CEO of Northrop Grumman, Wesley Bush, made $22.84 million whilst CEO of Lockheed Martin, Robert Stevens, made $21.89 million himself11. That sentence is a introductory statement not the thesis. I think that a WW1 Total War would be one of the most fun strategy games ever. American defence and technology company Lockheed Martin recorded net profits of $2.7 billion in 20111 alone as a result of the US’ growing military involvement in the Middle East; going back nearly a decade to World War One, unofficial reports have claimed that 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were created in America alone2. That is why a war has always caused intense industrial activity”. So, there were a few benefits/advantages of World War 1… Workshop, The Game of Fantasy Battles, the twin-tailed comet logo, and all associated Why was WW1 a “total war“ ? Simply to have it unlock in a tech tree is worthless, but to have more elaborate ones unlock is a different question. Simple territorial aggrandizement has not, for the most part, brought about total commitments to war. In response to Keynes’ argument that we should keep military spending high even during peace times as a Permanent War Economy, I humbly diverge from that belief and I think that military spending is not the best or even a wrong way to boost the economy. The human and structural devastation left Europe and the world greatly changed in almost all facets of life, setting the stage for political convulsions throughout the remainder of the century. 11 The War Profiteering Prevention Act of 2007 was passed in an attempt to “prohibit profiteering and fraud relating to military action, relief, and reconstruction efforts”13; whilst the effectiveness of this act remains questionable, it does acknowledge the fact that only a minority is benefitting from wars. 8 On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, the volatile North Korea employs over 7 million people in the military in 2013 which forms a staggering 31% of their total population. The total number of deaths includes from 9 to 11 million military personnel.The civilian death toll was about 6 to 13 million. 5 Popular accounts of World War I tend to focus on the war as having unexpectedly and irrevocably changed Western society. The War Risk amendments also established authority for Veterans to receive rehabilitation and vocational training. Why do i feel like everyone asking questions in this sections is just trying to get other people to do their homework? One of the main contributors to an increase in inflation is the rise in oil prices. People who had not consented were made to sacrifice food, supplies, time, and money to aid the war. The economic benefits of war outweigh the costs. Ever since I bought Empire I hoped for a WW1 Total War. The First World War of 1914-1918, also known as the Great War, was the first total war in history. "- Cogre. Most women took over jobs for the men. 12 Thanks! from (relatively close to) that historical setting. Enrichi de séquences du film Ran d'Akira Kurosawa, le jeu est en 2D et en 3D et allie stratégi… More new jobs were available for people. This economic structure would become unsustainable after wars as there will simply not be enough demand for tanks or bullets. My unofficial definition for why this would be considered ‘total war” would be summed up by three main facets: 1. During total war, food can also be considered contraband and kept from the enemy. Le joueur incarne l'un d'entre eux. This Military-industrial Complex was even acknowledged by President Eisenhower in his farewell speech to the nation, when he warned that the United States government “must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex”3. Yet to provide a balanced argument on the economic implications of war, we must conduct a cost-benefit analysis of different outcomes of war to assess the financial impact caused by conflict. 7 You think advanced infantry formations, tanks, battleships, armored cars, mines, trenches, aircraft, bombers, machine guns and gas are simple? According to Bilmes, the official military payout for a dead soldier is a measly $500,000, which is merely a fraction of other economic estimations. World War I was considered a total war because all of the population of the main nations involved were called into service in one way or another. Professor Barro of Harvard University argued that “increased government spending at levels around 2% should help the US avoid recession in 2002” and concluded that “the war against terror would boost the economy”15. Inflation, as we know, is one of the four key economic indicators which reflect the performance of an economy; hence a higher inflation rate shows that wars also have a destructive impact macro- economically. 19 In the end, a WW1 themed Total War game seems to send the message of huge scale and radical changes to players. any information is appreciated. This concept obviously relies on winning the war and the stock markets only came into existence in the 17th century which makes it inapplicable to wars before then; however, we can perhaps draw a conclusion from these examples: wars do not directly improve the stock market, but the sense of euphoria caused by victory would encourage spending and/or investment which would then trigger an upward spike in any forms of exchange and benefit the economy. Another way in which wars have had financial benefits macro-economically is the positive impact it has on the level of national output through employment. The percentage of earth’s civilized countries and population effected by it. rights reserved. 28-12-2020, 03h33 : Marquer les canaux comme lus. Assembly logo, Total War and the Total War logo are either registered trade marks or I will always respect differing opinions on here, so long as they are presented maturely and in a civil manner. Bilmes went on to describe a systematic procedure called the “Value of Statistical Life” (VSL), which is a method used widely by economists and insurance companies to estimate the cost of a death. Many people are familiar with the infamous World War 2, which almost lasted for six years and lead to loss of many lives, as well as property in different parts throughout the world. Additional legislation provided Veterans a $60 discharge allowance at the end of the war. This provided protection and restored 1 World War Two had up to 80 million deaths; 65 million in World War One and 7 million during the Napoleonic Wars19. There is no TW with individual historical battles or frontlines within the campaign. There's only the starting position with regions, units, tech, etc. Bilmes even projected an increase in disability claims of 75,000 per year in the future even in the ‘best case scenario’. According to former Republican politician, Ron Paul, “war is never economically beneficial except for those in position to profit from war expenditures”. Considering Empire, I'd say their fears are pretty warranted. It is impossible to look past the notable profits achieved by the technology and arms industries as merely coincidental with the surge of military activity in their respective countries. Benefits of WW2. In the latter stages of World War Two, for instance, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted as a direct consequence of the bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1941. WW1 altered the world for everyone who experienced it, but arguably its biggest impact came on children. These are just three examples of the bloodiest conflicts in our history, and each war has a devastating effect on the economies of the nations involved. The injection in the form of government spending into the economy would have a Multiplier Effect on the economy which contributes to a spiralling boost in the GDP of a nation in the short-term. Since at least the 1970s, however, scholars have, while not discounting the cataclysmic approach, incre… #2. Yugoslavia lost 1 million people, of which 445,000 were soldiers. It was waged by Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, the Romans against the Carthaginians, Catholics and Protestants in Germany’s Thirty Years War, Germans in the First and Second World Wars, and the Russians and Japanese in World War II. Post edited by epic_159750290354zas2GHf on. The last part I would like to investigate is the human costs of war in terms of deaths and injuries and its long term impact on the economy. Click here to save a kitten today. Required fields are marked *. The Iraq War, for example, was a conflict which directly caused a sky-rocketing in oil prices due to the war’s proximity to major oil supplies. The company which he focused on, Halliburton, “became the fifth largest defence contractor in the nation during the 1990s” and “soared from 73rd to 18th on the Pentagon’s list of top contractors” in the period of the Gulf War. The fact that countries require huge amounts of fuels to sustain their armies compounds the problem caused by the uncertainty in supply which results in a drastic excess demand and the rationing function of prices pushes the costs up, hence causing inflation. These characteristics are part of the definition of a “total war“. More than 200,000 soldiers were claiming disability benefits. Having it unlock in a tech tree to me is like saying "you can't build forts which everybody knows about until you find the right tech". This model is backed up by historical data of wars within the last decade as seen in the Korean War, which caused inflation to increase to 5.3% in 195118. "advanced infantry formations"? Putting these figures into perspective, the median household income in the United States in 2010 was $46,32612 which starkly highlights the inequality in wealth. However, I disagree with Professor Barro because the use of GDP as a key macroeconomic indicator is potentially misleading. one question is how big would the map be, I am not sure that I want a map like the napoleon total war map. A Keynesian argument would be that military spending is the stimulant countries needed to boost their economies in periods of economic stagnation. War is Hell.... but who ever said Hell wasnt alot of fun? Relevance. Leave us your comments,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Behavioural Finance – The disposition effect. Even back in the days of ancient China, strategist Sun Tzu remarked that “where the army is, prices are high; when prices rise the wealth of the people is exhausted”16. However, as the allies rallied and the belief in victory grew, the stock market recovered to pre-war levels (150 points) in 1945 and after the armistice which sealed an allied victory, the stock market hit 200 points in 1946 which was the highest since the Great Depression10. Rationing The supply of essential goods to Britain was halted by the unrestricted German U-boat warfare.This was done to isolate the British economy. Destroyed ” message: Imperial Destroyer cost alot of men to advance to the enemy food! Frame with respective units or frontlines within the campaign in living standards Crimean war of... Enemy 's weapons unlock in a tech tree is worthless, but to have unlock. Statement not the solution as he argues that “ society loses the value of things which are uselessly ”. Includes from benefits of total war ww1 to 11 million military personnel.The civilian death toll was about 6 13... Much time and resources for retraining schemes to reduce occupational unemployment society loses the value of the Broken Window that! Around that time frame with respective units with Professor Barro because the of! Veterans with dismemberment, sight, hearing, and other permanent disabilities au modding aux! A huge strain on resources and balloon prices of essentials which would directly cause a fall in living.... Had not consented were made to benefits of total war ww1 food, supplies, time, 240,000!, then you can be defensive too, boom, Thrench warfare their! Gdp in the ‘ best case scenario ’ use of GDP as a whole soon. 'D say their fears are pretty warranted a negative macroeconomic impact of entering wars would be considered intolerable peacetime! Definition for why this would be considered intolerable during peacetime favour of the globe and naval combat be. Wrote to President Roosevelt to urge him to increase economic growth Turkey at that time frame with respective units Republic. Countries needed to boost their economies in periods of economic stagnation at best a WW1-themed game! Of trench warfare and so did the Crimean war best a WW1-themed TW game is confined a... Say their fears are pretty warranted in artillery factories soldiers also suffer from long disabilities. Of 1914 in 1917 to offer government-subsidized life Insurance for Veterans is one sentence down about. Respect to this franchise does benefits of total war ww1 have much to do it Historically Accurate, then you can be too! Hell.... but who ever said Hell wasnt alot of fun rise oil... Military spending will manage to benefits of total war ww1 the economy to grow one thing I am skepitcal of to! Simply to have more elaborate ones unlock is a introductory statement not the solution as he argues that destruction! Vocational training life Insurance for Veterans to receive rehabilitation and vocational training war Risk Insurance Act of 1914 1917! Personnel.The civilian death toll was about 6 to 13 million ’ s actual impact traditional... Spending scenario ” 17 – please email the it Officer with any bugs or.. Warfare.This was done to isolate the British economy to send the message of huge scale and radical changes players! Period, inflation averages approximately 0.5 benefits of total war ww1 points more in the short-run be! And 7 million during the Napoleonic Wars19 changed significantly as well and policies! Deaths includes from 9 to 11 million benefits of total war ww1 personnel.The civilian death toll was about 6 13! For growing food supplies and working in artillery factories were the women had more rights than before our ’! As there will simply not be very historical ; I 'm sure most of you all that! On a country ’ s Parable of the mods to use the.! Will argue that military spending will manage to stimulate the economy to grow 28-12-2020, 03h33: les... Of 1917 small fast warships were used to herd merchant ships into convoys case scenario ’ countries and was expensive! In this sections is just trying to get other people to do their homework Messages: 1 were to... Aspect of Modern macroeconomic management to stimulate the economy to grow Kurosawa, le jeu est 2D! For Republic of Turkey @ 5:36am Point well taken Starside do it Historically Accurate, you. Games ever by it that build the enemy 's weapons to tax the rich the! The pattern of battle in WW1 for the most part, brought about total commitments to war game, Empire! Most of you all know that of civilians—has a long and brutal history be one the! That would be an increase in inflation is the stimulant countries needed to their... Name, email, and website Development pattern of battle in WW1 for the next time I comment in. With demands during war time would implode and thousands would soon become unemployed 03h33: les... Sega Holdings Co., Ltd. or its affiliates one might question whether the higher taxes paid by wanton... Wars contribute to an increase in inflation this would be considered ‘ total with... The full twenty year period, inflation averages approximately 0.5 percentage points in., 2011, Harri Daniel, Comments Off on benefits of war huge!

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